Does it support the customization of curtain size?

Of course! We can customize the required size for you.
First, you need to measure and provide the size of the window.
Then, decide whether to open the curtain to both sides or to a single side. For this, determine the number of curtains.
Finally, record the above information and contact us. Send an email to support@magicclothlife.com, and we will reply to you.

Are the curtains one or a pair?

The curtains are sold as individual panels. If you need a pair, you can purchase two quantities and you will receive 2 panels.


How can I know if the order is placed successfully or not?

You will receive an order confirmation mail once the payment is received.


How can I know if the item can be sent to my country?

We can reach most countries in the world.

If your order cannot process, we will refund the total price from the original way.